sigur rós world tour


Jul 28th 2013

ippodromo delle capannelle, rome, italy

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  1. thebestsigurrosfan says:

    jònsi you re the best singer in the world i ve seen sigur ros six times in a year , they are and they will be the best

  2. UnknownSoldier says:

    I was there… fantastic and magical experience!

  3. Andrea says:

    The best ever concert that I have heard!!!!! Wonderful in Rome!

  4. Fabiano says:

    Yesterday it was my first Sigur Ros concert: 40° degrees in Rome and it still gives me gooseflesh.
    You are A MA ZING.
    You ALL.

  5. Alex says:

    Takk! Takk! Takk!
    The best concert of my life, much more beautiful even than that of 2008 in Rome.
    Unique note: do more songs, at least 20 per night! Even last night there were fantastic pieces as Vidrar, Agaetis, Stormur, Ny battery …

  6. A says:

    A sensory experience, much more than a simple live show.

  7. Myrthe says:

    No words to describe it…
    It was like I was in a bubble with all my senses melted in the music, it was a continuous flux of feelings through my eyes, my lungs, my hands, my heart.
    Yesterday you gave me something I’ll never forget

    Jónsi: ég þakka þér þá von sem þú gafst mér.
    I love you all

    please, come in Rome again!

  8. May_von says:

    I’m still astounding and wondering how some amazing human beings have been able to create that huge magic! You, wonderful elves really changed my life. I’m so sorry for the muggy, sweltering hot weather you had to bear, althrough it, once again, you nourished my spirit.
    Takk, Þú hefur breytt lífi mínu.

  9. Mario says:

    What I’ve noticed it was that all the show was for US. I felt it like a Big Wonderfoul gift for the audience. Never seen sigur ros live before: never seen a beautiful light design like this, never seen an ending so perfect. Never had an experience like this in a live contemporary-music show. It was for sure my best live concert in my life. Thank you

  10. fabiola says:

    …it happens sometimes that you experience a sigur ros show, and you just wish it could last forever. [thank you]

  11. Erica says:

    Jónsi = GOD.
    And the drums were unearthly, too.

  12. lorenzo says:

    Just stunning. Thank you so much. Love you. Takk!

  13. Elena says:

    I love you, I love you, I love you.

  14. Alex says:

    Takk þér fyrir að núverandi!
    Segja að þú ert ótrúlegt er enn lítið!
    Komdu aftur fljótlega til Rómar og við lína af lögum lengur!

  15. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the beautiful evening, thanks for everything… Few words can’t explain how I felt during the concert, but it was something special which I wanted it never ends… again THANKS!

  16. gab says:

    I cried. I never cry

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