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we'd like to thank everyone who came to see us play on our valtari and kveikur tours. and we'd especially like to thank and applaud our incredible (and award-winning) crew who have made these past two years of touring very special.

until next time!
sigur rós


download 6 live tracks from the kveikur tour

hrafntinna: performed in a cave somewhere under paris.

watch two songs (worldwide) or in full (uk only)

kveikur live trailer 2013.

kveikur: live on the tonight show with jay leno 2013.

varúð: from rehearsal to live show 2012.

festival: from the 2010 live film inni.

við spilum endalaust: live in paris 2008 (la blogotheque).

hoppípolla & með blóðnasir: live in london 2005.

unreleased song nýja lagið. live in reykjavík 1999.

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