sigur rós world tour


Feb 21st 2013

hmh, amsterdam, netherlands

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  1. Helen Weeres says:

    Amazing show, best live performance I’ve ever seen. Thank you! Whenever you get back to holland, I’ll be there!

  2. Alan Legge says:

    May take this opportunity to thank the band for what can only be described as an awsome performance. The sound,the visuals and the lighting were out of this world. I travelled all the way from Germany for this show and it was worth every KM. Thank you again and it only confirms to me that you are the best band on the planet…with fond regards…..Alan

  3. Robbie & Amanda says:

    Amazing performance!

    Those 2 hours flew by and felt like minutes, please come back more often!

  4. Laurens Pots says:

    thanks for the amazing experience i’ve had this night i can’t thank you enough takk

  5. André says:

    i am deeply impressed, It was the fifth show isaw, but absolutely the Best.

  6. Robert says:

    What an amazing performance that was! Everything fitted together perfectly! The performance, the songs, the visuals. Just perfect! Takk

  7. hans says:

    thank you probably the best and most intensive concert of my life (I am 62)

  8. Ravando says:

    Wonderful performance! The best concert I’ve ever seen in my life. I will definitely come to see your performance again :)

  9. Geerte says:

    It was intense and very, very beautiful. Thank you so much.

  10. Rober says:

    þakkir, Sigur Rós.
    This was our first and certainly not our last.

  11. André says:

    Beautiful concert, it was awesome, thank you very much!!
    See you at June 23 for the fifth time at “the best kept secret”in Hilvarenbeek.

  12. Dave says:

    One of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever been too. The music, the visuals and all the people around me thoroughly enjoying the experience. Hope to see you live again! Thanks!

  13. brenda says:

    It was just amazing. Words almost can’t describe the greatness and beauty of it all, nevertheless I tried >

    Takk, Sigur Rós! See you at the Best Kept Secret Festival :)

  14. Katya says:

    Takk! I’ve been waiting to see a Sigur Rós show ever since a near miss in Reykjavík in 2006 and it was definitely worth the wait! Combined with the visuals and lighting you created a great atmosphere to really experience the music, it was amazing!

  15. JaRi says:

    In November 2008 I introduced my better half to the wonderfull musical landscapes that you create, when we saw you play fenomally in the Heineken Music Hall. More than four years later, she gave me your show as my birthday present. Thank you for bringing us closer together and for the melodies that keep echoing in my head… We will certainly be waiting for you, next time you visit Holland! :)

  16. ginger sailor says:

    i bought my girlfriend tickets to the show for her xmas and valentines present.. we flew over from the uk and we were in awe of the the show! incredible sound system, brilliantly engineered. 2 hours went past in a flash.

    amazing doesn’t begin to describe it. holding her in my arms, whilst we listened to olsen olsen; seeing a tear run down her cheek.. what can i say? you blew us away.


    thank you

  17. LB says:

    I’ve seen you 3 times in The Netherlands: in 2005, 2008 and 2013. All 3 shows have been absolutely perfect, breathtaking and magical. In my opinion, you are by far the best live act around.
    Thank you for all the beautiful shows you’ve given, all the beautiful albums you’ve released and for your integrity.

    Thank you.

  18. John van der Elburg says:

    Two hours gone in a second. Now a month later I am still searching for video’s on youtube just to have the same feeling I had during the concert.
    Thank you very much for your performance and hope to see you soon somewhere on a stage.

  19. Gerry van Roosmalen says:

    Must have been the 7th or 8th show I have seen from Sigur Rós. They where al great, but this was far the best. I was so glad you played Popplagið as your closing act. This song performed live is just amazing.
    Today I bought myself 2 tickets for your show in Dusseldorf in November. I´m already looking forward to it.

    Thanks for your music!



  20. britt says:

    faaaaa i missed it x_X
    Are you ever coming again?
    if so, when?! :P I really wanna be there!

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