sigur rós world tour


Jun 25th 2013

sowinskiego amphitheatre, warsaw, poland

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  1. Aleksandra says:

    Incredible, magical, epic, beautiful, unforgettable.

    It was my second concert of yours. It was even better than the first one. I wish I could hear you live everyday.

    I hope to see you soon again. Maybe Wroclaw this time ;) I shall miss you a lot.

    Loads of love.

  2. kasiag says:

    Thank You for this magical moments!

    I am so happy I could be on your concert! My dream came true.
    Love you lots!

  3. a-ü says:

    incredible! wonderful concert.

    only thing i missed is ny batteri ;(

  4. Luke says:

    Hope to see You again. It was the best show You gave in Poland ever. Brilliant!

  5. just a fan says:

    Well done SR! I discovered your band not so long ago, but some of your songs were already familiar. I’ve listened to all your dicography and couldn’t forgive myself I didn’t get to know you before your last gig in Krakow. Now, I just couldnt miss your last night’s show. This was something that will stay in my heart forever. Takk!

  6. rafal says:

    Takk Sigur Rós!!

  7. LesnyLudek says:

    Takk… See you soon in my dream!

  8. dlugakarola says:

    You are beatiful and magical people and you create beautiful and magical things. I love you guys and your music. I hope to meet you some day on Iceland. Wish You all the best. Thank you! (Dziękuję!/ Takk!)

  9. Caro says:

    Wonderful as usual, please come back to Poland soon :)

  10. S says:

    It was absolutely amazing! Thank you very much and I can’t wait next time!

    <3 SR (even more then before!)

  11. sol says:

    Every day with your music in my ears is wonderfull, but listening to it live – I can’t find words to describe feeling, state of mind. It was 2nd best day in my life (1st was last year in Krakow ;) ). Thank you for all what you are doing – for your music, smile and energy.
    Your music is like soundtrack to my live.
    Takk, Sigur Ros.
    Hope to see you next year, on my next birthday :)

  12. Tomek says:

    Takk! Það var galdur! Komdu aftur fljótlega! (translated by Google Translate)

  13. karolina says:

    the best concert in my life! takk!

  14. Slawek says:

    Yor music sems to be magical trip of soul mates across the universe of deep beautiful emotions. Thank You for taking US for that exceptional , unforgettable journey. Thank You that YOU ARE :)

  15. Mija says:

    Dziękuję = Takk !!!

    It was the most magical moment in my life ;]

  16. bartek says:

    Perfect and Unforgetable as always! Love you guys.

  17. WolfWagabunda says:

    It was a metaphysical experience!!!!
    My soul get out of my body and has been flying!!!
    Thank You sooo much!!!

  18. ewka says:

    Thank You so much for this wonderful night! Your concert was truly magical and Jónsi I still repeat this – Your voice is soo wonderful! a BIG THANK YOU I love You guys You are THE BEST please come back ! Will be waiting For You hope to see You soon, TAKK!!!

  19. paulina says:

    I came here back, just to thank you again. It was a few months ago, but still I can’t stop thinking about this magic experience. In my home, in a train, on a university, your music is always with me.

  20. Natalia says:

    some time have passed from your show in Warsaw but only now I feel ready to say something about it that’s not “i don’t know man, it was too awesome to explain”. I wrote quite a long review in Polish ( but I don’t really feel like translating it, although i remember one thought i had immediately after the show: this concert was beyond satisfying in every single aspect – it was perfectly played, perfectly sang, it was moving, and it also looked beautiful.

    Six months after I’m still amazed.

  21. maria says:

    it’s almost 6 months since then and i still can’t get over the fact i saw this incredible performance live. the most magical 2 hours in my life.
    takk, sigur rós.

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