sigur rós world tour


May 25th 2013

sasquatch music festival, george, wa, united states

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  1. Cory M says:

    This was my first time seeing Sigur Ros live, and I was swept away. I realize Jon’s guitar wasn’t working right, or it looked like it anyway. Regardless, the show was mesmerizing. It was the best show I have ever been to and my GF cried throughout the show due to the amazing sounds :)! I really hope you all come back to The Gorge again or Seattle at least :)! We both love your music Sigur Ros! Happy Touring!!!!

  2. Curtis "Lego" Murray says:

    This was my first time seeing Sigur Ros and i was STUNNED! The production, sound and lights were incredible! Also I had the pleasure of being a stagehand for them and that was a blast! I now know that it is very high on my list of things to do when Sigur Ros comes to the Pacific Morthwest! Thank you guys for a memory!

  3. yuda n says:

    this was my first time seeing sigur ros, and yes, it was AMAZING. Best concert I’ve ever been!

  4. Matt Smith says:

    Over a year since the performance and still just can’t get it out of my head. Artists like this potentially change lives through their music. Thanks for the memories Sigur Ros; you were unknown to me prior to Sasquatch and now a daily meditation. I hope to see you in the States sometime soon.

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